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At home - introduction


I am sitting at the kitchen table now and thinking of sharing my work-life observation with you. Travelling is part of my everyday life and I enjoy it either being on business trip or entirely privately with my family and friends. That's my first attempt to sit and write a few sentenes that perhaps might be of some value to some people. There is no real pressure coming form deep inside of me to write this blog where the source of this pressure is in my wife who thinks that my observation and remarks are very accurate and reflect the reality well.
I hope you are going to enjoy the way I see the world.

There are a lot of aspects of travelling but there is only one that always suprises me. I am sure most of the people who love to travel the world (if not all) admire the time before setting off, the time when one plans the route, books accomodation and searches for the best available flight offers. You go to a book shop to buy a tourist/traveller guide to find out as much as you only can about your up-coming destination and in most of the cases that's only a first step in building your know-how before leaving your hometown. Certainly the internet comes with a helping hand of hundred or thousands sites where you can hang-out for hours. All in all, no matter there are weeks or months before you get on plane to explore the world you are always busy in planning your trip and this time is like you were studing the taste of a chocolate cake without tasting it and the time of tasting is just around the corner.

When the moment comes the enthusiasm that had been a part of my life over last few weeks just flew away. Why? The advanture is at my arm's lenght now and no one can really spoil it.
I am on the plane but from now on a thought of missing my home and family accompany me permanently.

The only cure for homesick I have found is to take my family with me :-)


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